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People meeting people: Facing the Street, June 2018

The photo exhibit Facing the Street, featured on the streets of the Swamp Ward and in the Elm Cafe for one month this summer, was ephemeral, but resonant, I hope — perhaps like passing a stranger on the street who you only recognize after the fact, or who somehow stays with you as a source of speculation or contemplation. I am considering ways to share the exhibit in a more durable form in future — perhaps as a book.

But meanwhile, I have a bunch of photos of YOU! It was very rewarding to see the connections forged between past and present during the exhibit. We loved meeting people and talking with them as we installed and visited the photos. Of course, we offer special thanks to all those who hosted photos, and those who provided them from their private collections. And I am grateful to the City of Kingston Heritage Fund for support that allowed me to hire the wonderful Anne Lougheed and Chris Miner. But it was you, meeting your former neighbours, that made this all worthwhile.

To see the images bigger, click, and then click again. Photos are by Jonathan Barton, Chris Miner, and Laura Murray; specific credits can be found in the title of each photograph.

— Laura Murray

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  1. Daphne Hubble

    I hope the exhibit comes back! I had hoped to make it to Kingston during that month to experience it myself. Shared some good discussions with Marc Shaw and Auntie Belle (I. Wallace Gordon) but not the same.
    Nevertheless, this exhibit awoke a new pride in the “Swamp Ward” to layer on top of my hometown pride and family’s heritage there.

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