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James Street Swihhp

james st july 2015
James Street looking east to Woollen Mill on a summer evening

Last evening, lovely as it was, Lauren, Nancy, and Laura did our first street swihhp. The idea is to visit people at their homes, tell them about the project and the website, and see if they have some stories to share. We had a great time. We met “the James Street tattoo artists,” a man who said he’d just moved to the neighbourhood which turned out to mean forty years ago, a very very tiny baby, and quite a few people who were interested to hear who built their houses or lived in them in years past. We found the site of the first Ukrainian Hall, and dropped by Harry Rosen’s house at Bagot and James which is looking very pretty these days. We figured out that CUPE local 109 is on the site of Cep and Louis Drinka’s excavation and contracting business. It’s nice to see all our data entry work from city directories connected to places and people in the real world. We’ve got a couple of good interview leads to follow up on. So next up: Raglan Road, TBA.